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Saturday, March 15, 2008

14.03.2008 ~ Kelahiran Raja Intan Irdyna bt Raja Idzwan

My little princess...Dynas

6 months

Day 5 (19.03.08)

day 1 (14.03.08)

"I knew of you before your birth, I loved you before we ever met.
I prayed for you day and night, The waiting was so anxious and hard,
You already held a place in my heart.
Weeks went by, and sometimes I cried....
Tears of joy fell on my cheek"

Raja Intan Irdyna,
Baby girl your as beautiful as can be
And now your here for all to see
Baby girl you cry all the time
But I don’t know why
Baby girl your doing things younger
than you should be
Baby girl you are as spoilt as can be
because you see when I’m home from work
I hardly let you down
Baby girl always say your prayers
And ask Allah for guidance and leadership
and knowledge of always doing
and saying the right thing
Baby girl We all love you so much

Sunday, March 2, 2008

01.03.2008 ~ Gunung Lang Taman Rekreasi

Saja jalan2 bawa Opah pegi Gunung Lang kat jalan Kuala kangsar...mama menghitung hari je nak bersalin...dah sarat sangat dah tu...