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Monday, October 26, 2009

Valentino Rossi Takes Ninth Championship Title With Briliant Podium After Dramatic Malaysian GP

The indomitable and irrepressible Valentino Rossi took his ninth World Championship crown in Malaysia today, riding to third place in a dramatic rain-hit race at Sepang. It was the Italian’s seventh title in the premier class, his fourth for Yamaha - more than he has won with any other manufacturer - and his 163rd career podium. His Fiat Yamaha team-mate Jorge Lorenzo was forced to start from the back of the grid after a sighting lap problem but he recovered brilliantly and rode a superb race to chase Rossi home in fourth place.
After three dry practice sessions the heavens opened thirty minutes before the race started and a torrential downpour ensued. The race was delayed forty-five minutes, by which time the rain had abated to a steady drizzle, but with no wet track time during practice the race had become something of a lottery. Rossi seemed to get away well but at turn one he ran wide and exited in eighth position. He then surrendered two more places, including one to his charging team-mate, and finished the first lap in tenth. For the next few laps he tailed Lorenzo as the Spaniard charged his way through the field, the pair putting on a scintillating display of overtaking in the wet until they arrived in fourth and fifth on the seventh lap. Rossi now set his sights on a podium and passed Lorenzo, surviving a huge slide in the process, before quickly pulling a gap of a second on his team-mate. He slowly began to close the gap to Andrea Dovizioso in third and looked like he would soon be within striking distance when his fellow Italian slid out, leaving Rossi in the final podium spot. He didn’t give up there however and started to reel in Dani Pedrosa, who was second, but with the track by then almost dry and the championship in the bag he decided in the final few laps to take the safe option and came home behind the Spaniard, with Casey Stoner the clear winner out in front.
Lorenzo’s troubles began when a problem with his race bike meant he had to switch to his spare at the last minute, meaning he left the pit lane a little late. He planned to do two sighting laps, as Rossi had, to get a better feel for the wet track but by the time he came through for the second one the pit lane had closed, meaning he then had to start from the back of the grid. The 22-year-old surged through the field at the start however and rode one of the races of his life to pass twelve riders and come home fourth behind Rossi. Lorenzo will clinch second place in the championship by taking just one point at the final round in Valencia, in two week’s time.

Moto Grand Prix @ Sepang International Circut 24~25Oct09

Day 1 ~ 24th October 2009
Al kisah....tersebut la kisah....tetiber je plan nak ke Sepang layan Moto GP...bermula daripada Pakcik n Wan CHik yang mempelawa mama & ayah join the crowd g tgk moto GP...mama pada mulanya macam keberatan tapi bila dibawa usul ni untuk disahkan....sebaliknya pulak...Ayah punya respon baikkk...ayah setuju nak bawa anak2 dia ke SIC (Sepang International Circut) weekend ni...alasan ayah nak anak2 dia tambah pengalaman kata ayah lagi ..."...lagipun dia dah 'tinggalkan'(ayah kursus kt KL) kita 5, ini adalah reward utk kita yang tinggal di rumah...Hooorayyyy....
Mama on ajer....pagi2 buta mama bangun siapkan barang2 nak dibawa, stay 1 nite kt Cititel Hotel..on 24th Qualifiying , the next day on 25th Final GP...So, pakcik n wan Chik dah booking kan hotel...
Ayah baru je balik from KL malam, pagi ni ayah a bit tired...mama bagi chance kat ayah tidur sampai kul 10pagi...kita bertolak ke KL dalam kul 11pagi...GP start at 2pm..ada masa sikit la...

Yeehaww...dah sampai...lambaian Selamat Datang from mama & Izzuddin

I'rfan & Hady buat muka tensen sebab permintaan nak beli "motor sport" tidak diluluhskan oleh ibubapa masing2...huhu...atas alasan M.A.H.A.L

Bayangkan harga kat JJ Ipoh RM29.90 but @ SIC ni Rm60.00 , kalau Wan Chik takpe lagi beli untuk Hady seorang je...but mama & ayah kene beli 2 , 1 untuk I'rfan n satu untuk Izzuddin ... RM60.0 x 2 = RM120.00 (huhu...tak dapek nak nolong...)

Untuk pengetahuan Pak Andak & Cik Yaya pun ada sekali...but x sempat nak snap picture, dorang rushing nak ke Melaka plak. Pak Andak ada kerja.

Lambaian from ayah & Izzuddin plak...I'rfan?? where is I'rfan?? huhu I'rfan masih merajuk x dpt beli toys tadi....Izzuddin je yang cool!!! Sib baik Dynas x ikut, kalau tidak lagi HARU!
Day 2 ~ 25th October 2009

Waiting for ayah & pakcik to fetch us infront of Cititel Hotel's Lobby....menuju ke Sepang untuk acara FINAL Moto GP.

Dalam perjalanan sempat mama snap a few pic...jauh gak perjalanan dari Hotel ke SIC makan masa dalam 1 jam juga la...

Acara bermula....yeaaaaaahhhhh...layann....B.E.S.T

I'rfan n Izzuddin T.E.R.U.J.A


Litar agak basah..cuaca mula hujan sebelum acara kemuncak...